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Restyle your city

Bee Scooters are here to change
the way we move & the way
we support our planet.

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safe to use

yeah, pretty
cool to look at

bee scooters

are here to make

a buzz!

Why Bee scooter

because it’s one of the first escooter sharing services
in Greece and it’s so easy!

Find your beescooter

on a location

that suits you.

scan it, ride it,


End your ride,

park responsible,

so someone else

can have fun with it.

Micro mobility


Transportation is a basic human right. 

Humans are profoundly curious and our need for constant movement satisfies
our thirst, to mingle, to meet, to go beyond our limits.

We have always and will always seek ways to go further, to move faster.

We began years ago and have never stopped. And we did it! We managed
to move faster than ever, but we lost track of how fast our planet was running
out of life.

The climate was destabilized, and the carbon cycle slowed down. But we still made faster, bigger, heavier vehicles.  The faster we became, the heavier they got.
And that’s where a small idea with a big word came to bring on a big change.

Micro mobility is a big word for small vehicles that bring big changes
in our daily lives.

Vehicles that are made for one thing only: To help us move from one place
o another with ease, safety, and consciousness. Vehicles that show us how innovation can make a better world, without destroying it.

Be where you want to be. Be the change you want to see. Be In harmony with each other and with our planet.

So, join the new movement and bee fast, bee safe, bee free!

Founded in 2021, by the green energy fanatics, Bee Scooters is an extension
of our vision. To provide micromobility services that will change the way
we enjoy our cities.

How it works ?

step 1 / Download the App

Download the Bee Scooters app and register
with your mobile number.

step 2 / How close can it Bee

Use the map in the Bee app to find your closest Bee.

step 3 / Get on and buzz away!

To start your ride, scan the Bee’s QR code with your app. Don’t forget to Follow all local traffic rules, bee safe and enjoy your ride

step 4 / Park with care

End your ride in the app to make the scooter available for someone else. Park your Bee Scooter and make sure to keep access ways clear.

Bee scooters are very important
for the environment




Get the app